AJ’s Pressure Cleaning and Sealing hires talented and detail-oriented technicians with a commitment to quality control to ensure satisfaction and easy working relationships with customers. We strive to be discreet and efficient, but most of all, dedicated to making your homes and offices looking as good as new.

About our Pressure Washing Technicians

Pressure washing requires attention to detail, not only to ensure an even, effective cleaning, but also to avoid damaging the material with too-harsh treatment. Our technicians are trained on what equipment to use and when, as well as the proper technique to protect your patios, decks, and siding.

With professional power washing equipment and thorough knowledge of how to use them properly, our pressure washing technicians can move quickly to clean large areas of your home or office to guarantee minimal interruption to your routine or the routine of your staff members. We can also work with your schedule to come at a time that’s most convenient to you.

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About our Sealing Crew

Sealing asphalt and concrete is about more than just making your driveway look better, but also to ensure its lifespan is as long as possible. Weathering, erosion, and freeze-thaw cycles all damage the roads and pavement we use every day, meaning they deserve the care and protection that a professional-grade sealant offers.

Sealing your outdoor surfaces extends their usefulness and keeps out weeds, water, and other materials that would cause cracks to form or widen and uneven terrain to form underneath the pavement. Our technicians use high-quality sealant materials and efficient best practices to ensure even coverage and the longest-lasting seal.

Professional Cleaners in Metro Detroit

Curious about your outdoor areas but don’t know what kind of treatment you need? Don’t hesitate to contact AJ’s Pressure Cleaning and Sealing to get a free estimate of your specific circumstance. We treat most outdoor materials including wood and masonry and can provide superior results with every project. Call us or contact us online if you’re outside Detroit and need pressure washing or professional sealing for your home or office.

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