Stamped Concrete

Professional cleaning and sealing of your outdoor stamped concrete ensures your patio, driveway, sidewalks and more stay as good-as-new for as long as possible. Our professional power washers use customized equipment to handle every crevice and corner you may have, while preserving plant life and avoiding damaging your concrete.

All this requires an experienced hand and awareness of the different types of concrete folks have in the volatile climate of Southeast Michigan, which is why our East Michigan natives know everything they need to prep your concrete for a professional sealant or to just clear away years of debris. 

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Plain Concrete

For plain concrete surfaces like driveways and patios common to Southeast Michigan, we can do more than you may imagine to help your surfaces look clean, sleek, and protected from the harsh elements to help preserve the value of your property.

The benefits of maintaining your plain concrete driveway with a professional cleaning and sealing each year include preventing sodium and chloride ions from degrading the structure of the material, preventing water molecules from seeping into pores and causing cracks to form and worsen over many freeze-thaw cycles, and providing a clean, fresh look to your property, whether at home or the office.

Exposed Aggregate

From pool decks to patios, walkways, and more, exposed aggregate can require specialized care that only commercial-grade pressure washing equipment and materials can provide. Whether it’s stripping, sealing, coloring or re-coloring, or staining aggregate, AJ’s is your provider of premier pressure cleaning services.

The advantage of pressure cleaning exposed aggregate professionally is that a DIY approach can result in inconsistent results or even damage to the exposed aggregate pebbles. Our professionals use the correct pressure and angle of attack to ensure a deep clean prior to or without using sealants.

Brick Pavers

Pavers are notoriously frustrating to maintain a level, clean appearance, which is why we offer comprehensive cleaning, sealing, and re-sanding services to keep your paths and driveways perfectly spaced, supported, and looking beautiful year-round. And even if your brickway has buckled, sunk, or mildewed, we can restore nearly any bricked area to its original or ideal position with our outstanding services and top-end materials.

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Vinyl Siding

A quick power-wash can do wonders for the look (and even value) of your home or business. But beyond simply rinsing down your siding of dirt and debris, professional cleaning of your home and office siding prevents mildew from building up in hard-to-reach places, causing long term rot and making it harder to remove when it comes time to sell. This means AJ’s can not only help keep your home looking new, but also helping keep its curb appeal at maximum value whenever you start thinking about moving.

Composite Decks

It’s safe to say that the convenience of composite decking materials has made synthetic, rather than natural wood, the preference of many Michiganders who have the choice to put in or replace an existing deck. However, they aren’t without maintenance, and regular, professional pressure washing is a great way to ensure your composite decks last as long as possible and prevents insects from creating large, long-term homes in hard-to-reach crevices.

Pressure Washing in Metro Detroit

Whether for your home or your office, AJ’s is here to help you realize the beauty in the materials that make your property unique. To learn more about our pressure washing and cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us online today, or call us to set up an appointment to inspect your areas of concern.

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